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NÆRHET - a series of performances in two parts:


NÆRHET PART II: Friday 25th November, 19 - 22 at Van Etten, Oslo
Elise Nohr
Lykourgos Porfyris

NÆRHET PART I: Thursday 24th November, 18 - 21 at Trafo Kunsthall, Asker
Ella Honeyman Novotny
Simon Tegnander Wenzel

19:00 Talk at Trafo Kunsthall:
☆ Maja Roel
☆ Lykourgos Porfyris
☆ Moderated by Pedro Gómez-Egaña

☆ Finn Adrian Jorkjen

It has been fifty years since sex between men was decriminalized in Norway, and penal code 213 was repealed. Trafo Kunsthall, in collaboration with the exhibition space Van Etten, wishes to commemorate Queer Culture Year with NÆRHET: a series of performances.
NÆRHET is a Norwegian word that can mean presence, intimacy and closeness, both in proximity and relation. The event sprung out of a desire to meet and create a space to express things out of urgency. Four artists with performative practices are invited to present works focusing on identity, the body and negotiations of space.
There will also be a talk at Trafo Kunsthall with choreographer and dancer Maja Roel and artists Lykourgos Porfyris and moderated by Pedro Gómez-Egaña to discuss queer experience, practice and our current state of being. The talk will be in English.



 Ella Honeyman-Novotny (she/her) works as a puppet maker and puppeteer in the performing arts. Ella holds a BFA from Bergen Academy of Art and Design (KHIB/KMD) and a BA in Drama and Theater Communication from HiOA. She is interested in topics of community and care, in wake of our neoliberal cultures. Her puppets operate in occupations related to public and private sector.

 Elise Nohr (she/her) is a visual artist who works mainly with performance, video and costume. Elise graduated with a BFA from the Oslo National Academy of the Arts in 2021. Her work is concerned with investigating the relationship between social structures and interpersonal relationships. Nohr explores these relationships from a feminist point of view, where the goal is a dissolution of gendered identity and stigma connected to body and sexuality.

 Lykourgos Porfyris (he/she/they) Lykourgos is a visual/sound artist living and working between Oslo and Athens. He holds a BA from Athens School of Fine Arts and an MFA from Oslo National Academy of the Arts. Their artistic practice is engaged with the production of new mythologies and legends to replace the conservative ones that have been rendered obsolete. Lykourgos will perform as POP Tektonism. Their aim is to deconstruct the semiotics of sound and to create new, more playful, and inclusive sound narratives that will enable us to create a more intimate relation with the uninitiate "other".

 Simon Daniel Tegnander Wenzel (he/him) works within a broad spectrum of media like performance, video, sound, sculpture and installation. He holds a MFA Oslo National Academy of the Arts and BFA from The Academy of Arts in Tromsø. Simon Daniel finds his tools and expression in a space created by an overlapping of life, play and art. He looks at how technological development, science and spiritual impulses take part in shaping our perceptions of nature, norms and identity. He enters characters and roles and deconstructs materials, narratives and experiences to piece them together in a new context. By accessing often forgotten techniques and ancient traditions, as well as giving space for playfulness in his work, Simon Daniel aims to challenge personal, environmental and normative structures in a western urban society.

Made possible by the generous support from:
Oslo kommune, Kulturrådet.

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