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The exhibition is open between 27 May and 12 June 2022

Sat & Sun 13-16 + open by appointment


fålla min fålla

In Paris I saw enclosers. They protected us from deep holes. And they were beautiful. And in my field of vision I have dots. From when the ground beneath my feet disappeared. Black wide mouths. Dents. Cone cavity. I see them on my retina. Everywhere I look. It is part of my vision now. And everything that comes after I want to reveal. Unfold. As a reminder. It keeps on bleeding through, re-visiting me. Is it there to warn or protect? Like an omen.

Confined for the night to fertilize with its ordure the place on which the fold was made



Jasmine Christensson works by circling back. The project she often returns to revolves around a specific car and its relation to her brother who passed away in 2015. In this project she investigated the entangled narratives surrounding the history and ownership of the car, purposefully blending fact and fiction into an intertwined narrative that created closeness between herself, her brother and a total stranger. At Van Etten she will show a sculptural installation which takes its starting point from this project. Central in Christensson’s practice are auto fictional narratives revolving around symbols and signifiers which are variations of memory, loss and grief. Her interest is to evoke poetics with material: give form to something that is recognizable, yet hard to describe. 

Jasmine Christensson (b. 1993, Sweden) is based in Oslo and Gothenburg, and has her MFA from Malmö Art Academy (2020) and a BFA from Trondheim Art Academy (2018). Recent exhibitions include solo show In the dark hood of my eye at Bærum Kunsthall (2021) Norway.

This exhibition is supported by the Arts Council Norway.

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