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Anahita Maybe Plakat.jpg

Foto: Tor Simen Ulstein

Anahita Alebouyheh  // MAYBE 26.02.2021 - 28.02.2021


A lemon sits in a fountain
the fountain looks at the lemon
the lemon looks at the lemon
the fountain looks at the lemon
Have I thought of everything?
I threw a wish in the well
don’t ask me, I’ll never tell
My mama's favorite film is Fried Green Tomatoes
Sit with a donkey on a hillside one afternoon
A big nose can smell the flowers and the moon
Once upon a time there was a face
it was once an embrace
welcome to this place
I show you my hands, feet and fun
maybe you’ll see the sun
I choose
Maybe you see a goose




Anahita Alebouyeh (born 1987) is an artist based in Oslo, she has a BA from Bergen School of Art and Design. Her practice is largely performative, but with multiple outlets and media: live performance, performative video, sculpture and installation. Since 2015, she has shown her work at Fotogalleriet, Kunsthall Oslo, UKS, Kvit gallery in Copenhagen and Bergen Kunsthall.

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