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H A N N E   T Y R M I

Chart Art Fair, Copenhagen 2023

Hanne Tyrmi is a Norwegian visual artist who has distinguished herself with an extensive artistic production for more than 40 years. She works with a wide range of materials and techniques. For Tyrmi, the working process is boundless, without borders, and consists of continuously ongoing development, experimentation and improvisation. The head and the hand are in continuous dialogue and there is an intimate connection between idea and creation, thought and action. Over the years, this has resulted in impressive and challenging works that tell us of lavish artistic excess, and that has been received to great acclaim from both critics and the public alike.

Tyrmi is particularly renowned as a sculptor and for her skillful treatment of heavy metals. The fascinating properties of lead have captured her creative attention and for more than ten years, she has experimented extensively with the dark-grey substance to become well acquainted with its material qualities. Lead is both heavy and light, impenetrable and toxic, enveloping and malleable. It will bend and expand when it is handled correctly - if it is not, it will show stifled resistance, and collapse. Much like the human body, it alters with time.

Tyrmi (b. 1954) graduated from the Norwegian School of Crafts and Design, Oslo (1981-85). Tyrmi has distinguished herself as an important visual artist with several solo shows, among others at Haugar Kunstmuseum 2014, Kunstnerforbundet 2016, and at Kunstnernes Hus 2022. She has also received international recognition, for example with her exhibition at Museu de Arte Moderna in São Paulo. Her works have been acquired by several large collections such as the National Museum of Norway, and she has contributed to many public art commissions.

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